Knee Replacement Surgery in India – Bird’s eye view

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Knee replacement surgery  in Bangalore and India were catching at pace, recent surveys already say that knee replacement surgeries have increased by over 200% in the age groups of 45 – 65 years. There are various different orthopedic hospitals in India offering knee replacement surgeries.

The Need
Our knees need to be fit too, like our bodies. Consistent issues with knee joints might cause swelling, pain and mobility cutback. Knee replacement surgery is the most widely accepted solution with affirmative results, known to be succeeding in subsiding the pain drastically.

The Surgery
The surgery includes replacement of the knee joint with a man-made one. The material used in the surgery includes metal covering for the thighbone and plastic one for the shine bone, making the rough surfaces smoother. As a part of the surgery, the bone and cartilage are removed.

The Care
After the surgery, comes the care part. Though the infection issue could crop up, such complications have been limited to a bare minimum. The hospital stay is thankfully short but you need to take adequate rest and do the exercises directed by the Physiotherapist on a regular basis. Complete recovery takes subsequent time as it is a gradual process and what you need to do besides being careful is having patience and a positive attitude.


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