What is Forensic Science-Medicine and How is Career ?

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If you are are already pursuing medicine and are willing to try out something that is out of the ordinary and interesting to the core, then a PG in forensic medicine would be a good idea. For those who are not aware of the fact, yes forensic medicine courses are offered in India by quite a few colleges. This PG courses are to be pursued post MBBS as MD in forensic medicine. A science graduates can pursue a PG in forensic science.

Coming back to the course, this is one interesting course and forensic study is an integral part of criminal investigation. It involves carrying out crime site investigation and analysing physical evidence found at the crime site, like hair, finger prints, blood spots and more. A forensic expert also carries out the post mortem of the dead body in circumstance of murder/ suicide. As a forensic scientist you get to work with the government, crime laboratories, morgues and more. It is a challenging profession but much more that that it is an exciting, thrilling and interesting one. The satisfaction achieved on resolving a case using forensic evidence is nothing less than awesome. Yes, off course, you do get paid and paid well for such a complex scope of work but on the flip side, it also involves intellectual and scientific excellence, as a forensic expert.

So, if you are planning to do something out of the box, then a carrier in Forensic Medicine is waiting for you and so are the forensic medicine colleges.

forensic science careers
forensic science careers

In Bangalore, One of the medical institute provides forensic science course


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