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A women homemaker just about thirty years old, was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called AIHA, occurring in one in five lakh people across the world.

bloog group

The women was found suffering from acute anaemia when her haemoglobin levels dropped to almost 5 while the normal range is within 12 to 15. She complained about breathing problems and weakness. The doctors of the hospital tried to diagnose her blood group but blood tests failed to detect it. So, considering the urgency of the situation, blood transfusion was done to her based on cross match procedures. This is a procedure which is applied when the blood group is not detectable. She got well and was discharged, but again after some time, she was back to the condition she was earlier and this time was taken to another hospital. Here is when the doctors diagnosed her with the rare disorder called AIHA. Autoimmune hemolytic anaemia (AIHA), an autoimmune disorder wherein, the anitobodies get directed to a humans own RBC’s, and ultimately reducing the life span of them to a mere few days from 100-120 days.

This women was then not only transfused with blood, after advanced blood tests detecting her blood group as O+ve, but was infused with medications against AIHA as well. This helped her to recover faster and was soon discharged from the hospital. Though, AIHA prevails in her, but her life was saved due to the detection of that disorder and timely treatment.


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