Doctors go Digital with Drug Portofolio Detailing

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With time and commuting becoming a constraint with working professionals and people is general and watsapp, email, skype, web chat becoming more and more popular, even the medical fraternity seems to be jumping the bandwagon by going digital. This is in the areas where demand drug companies offer detailing of medicine portfolios through one on one interaction combined with digital interaction through email, blog, watsapp, webchat, etc.

doctors go digital

A Survey by a popular survey agency has revealed that across the globe over 60% of the doctors are affirmative to the idea of digital interaction alongside direct interaction. While the percentage for preferring one on one is almost 70% in the US, where doctors opt for personal meet and tablet based digital interaction later on. The survey reveals that in US doctors are pretty much comfortable with online communication channels like skype, etc compared to India. As in US the doctors are indulging in digital interaction more, in India the figure is around 90% doctors preferring meeting the Medical representatives personally, and later on detailing portfolios on the the tablet from medical representatives.

Apparently, digital inclusion in drug portfolio detailing is a better idea and saves a lot of time of the Doctors, freeing it up for looking into more patients. Besides, its cost effective with pharma companies and fitting into the ethics as well. Going digital helps companies share important information about the latest in medicine, keeping the medicine fraternity updated with peer information on upcoming drugs and treatment protocols on regular basis.


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