Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Recent Survey Results

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Generally, people suffering from congenital heart disease have a risk of post traumatic disorder even more compared to others.As per study around 1 in 10 had symptoms that were directly related to their heart condition, while 1 in 5 adults had PTSD symptoms, already. As per the researchers the patients having PTSD symptoms may suffer from depression and anxiety and it is for the caregivers and the clinicians to keep a track of the same.


One of the senior authors from the hospital that conducted the study also said that the life expectancy of adults suffering from CHD has increased over a period of time but at the same time they might have to undergo multiple surgeries and procedures. These patients also are at a constant risk of psychological stress due to the unique life stressors besides cardiac and non cardiac effect of their chronic condition.

It was the first analysis of PTSD in a CHD population of adults and it first appeared in the American Journal of Cardiology. The study was done using two validated health scales that had questions pertaining to PTSD, anxiety and depression. It included the study of 134 patients.

The study revealed that 21 percent of 134 patients completed one scale and 11 percent of 127 had CHD or treatment related PTSD symptoms. While the percentage rate in the general population is 3.5 only, the patients cohort (11 to 21 percent) show a very high prevalence of PTSD comparatively. Also, the two major factors associated to PTSD found through research were – recently conducted cardiac surgery and elevated symptoms of depression.

As the prevalence of PTSD in adult CHD patients is unearthed, it also points towards the call to action in the direction viz. The measures to be taken for supporting the patients althrough the lifespan and ensuring that they also live a good quality life.

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