Silencer Molecule – Cancers Ability To Spread Switched Off

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According to a study about cancer, scientists confirm the presence of a key molecule in lung and breast cancer responsible for switching off the ability of it to spread across the other parts of the body. This is a noteworthy finding and would surely help scientists to work around treatments on avoiding cancer from spreading. The disease has an ability to travel through blood with the help of its cells which disintegrate and commute through the blood stream. If not at-least it could help in create some tests that would help doctors determine the possibilities of cancer spreading in the body.

Silencer molecules -1
Silencer molecules
Silencer molecules
Silencer molecules

The process in which the cancer cells commute through the lymph system or blood stream to the various parts of the body is known as metastasis. And this process which determines the ability of the cancer to spread is also responsible to determining the patients survival. There are some cancers that don’t spread but the reason behind the same is yet to be found. As for cancers like lung cancer or breast cancer cells, the protein called MARK4 facilitates the disintegrate and commute through the blood to other parts of the body. While one of the findings of the scientists say that the molecule known as R-515-5p helps in silencing and switching of the MARK4 producing gene.
According to scientists the survival rate of lung and breast cancer patients with high MARK4 or low silencer molecules is generally low.

In a nutshell, with the silencer molecule playing a significant role in spreading cancer and MARK4 being responsible for dividing the cancer cells, it is a vital breakthrough in treating the two cancers breast and lung which also happen to be one of the most common cancers in the world.


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