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High Blood pressure – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More

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We are all aware about blood pressure issues and that the normal blood pressure range is 120/80. When the diastolic raises to (81-89) and systolic blood pressures to (121-139), a condition called pre-hypertension arises. Once the blood pressure climbs up the 140/90 mark, it gives rise to the hypertension condition. While pre-hypertension does not necessarily result in heart attacks, hypertension sure does. There are apparently two stages of high blood pressure namely stage 1 that ranges from 140-159 and stage 2 that ranges from 160 onwards.

You cannot pinpoint to one specific cause for blood pressure. There are lot many conditions that may result into hypertension and heart conditions including obesity, addictions like smoking, food with high salts, alcholism, genetics, stress, sleep deprivation and age as well.causes of hypertension

Firstly, even though blood pressure is a common condition, self diagnosis based on mythical symptoms is not advisable. Always consult a doctor for the same. Generally, high blood pressure symptoms include Dizziness, facial flushing and blood spots. When there is significant increase in blood pressure, it could result in hypertensive crisis resulting into shortness of breadth, nose bleeds, severe headaches and anxiety as well.HBP - symptoms
Facial Flushing – This is a condition where the face turns red and burns too. The reason behind the same is dilation of face blood vessels. This again has a lot of causes. It includes alcohol consumption, sun exposure, spicy foods, skincare products, exposure to heat and more.

Dizziness – It cannot be called a active symptom, but high blood pressure medications sometimes cause the dizziness side effect. Doctor consultation is necessary because dizziness could be a heart attack alert as it is one of the most common factors of stroke.

Eyes Floaters – When HBP remains untreated for a while, it could result in blood spots in the eyes. It is more common with people having diabetes.

As far as treatment is concerned the statement, ‘prevention is the best cure’, holds true.’ Though medications do help to keep the blood pressure under control. Usually, the medications have to be taken on a daily basis along with lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle has to be significantly improved in terms of weight loss, if you are obese. A healthy and balanced diet is another must include change. People having addictions like alcohol, tobacco or smoking need to give it up or atleast bring it to the permissible limits. Daily exercise and less salty food is another inclusion. These changes will help you keep your blood pressure under check and reduce the chances of stroke considerably.

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5 Common Childhood Skin Disorders you need to Know About

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There is a long list of skin disorders a human being is subjected through his birth to adulthood but here is a list of 5 common ones.


ACNE – Acne usually occurs in the teenage in agegroups of 14 – 25 years. It needs regular treatment for a clear looking skin. Acne might also cause spots that would have to be looked into. The area of skin it generally affects the most is the face. Acne needs early treatment in order to avoid spots or scarring. Taking care of your skin can help though. This invovles washing your face twice a day with lukewarm water and mild soap. Using some prescribed acne treatments and antiseptic is also a good idea.


ECZEMA – This is one cure less skin disease which one can live with. It is a kind of red rash that is itchy. It can occur on several parts of the body, but usually is seen on faces of infants and adults have it at the back of their knees and behind elbows. Though there are cases of people having eczema on scalp as well as chest. This is one of those irritating skin ailments where one scratches till it bleeds. Daily skin care is a essential in case of eczema. This includes moisturizing your skin on a daily basis immediately after bathing.


MOLES – Moles are non cancerous skin lesions black or brown in color. They usually appear in child hood or within first 30 years of life. When skin grows abnormally, moles occur. The types of moles include Congenital moles and Dysplastic nevi moles. The Congenital moles are present on the human body since birth while the dysplastic ones are the moles of irregular shape and generally larger in size. Though moles can be removed but its always good to find an experienced surgeon for the same in order to avoid side effects.



DIAPER RASH – Diaper rash is a common ailment in infants wearing diapers. It is generally caused due to infection, irritation or allergies. When a diaper is not changed for a while for long after poop or the PH levels in the pee are changed or if the baby’s skin is sensitive, diaper rashes occur. Another kind of a rash that lasts for few days is that caused by the fungus type ‘Candida Albicans’. In order to prevent diaper rash, the baby’s skin has to be kept dry and clean. The poop has to be cleaned immediately and specially in summer attention has to be given to the same. The diaper should be loose and not tight so that it allows a bit of air circulation.There are diaper creams available in the market and applying them every time you change the diaper is a good idea to keep your baby away from rashes.


CHICKEN POX – This is a common childhood disorder and is caused by the herpes varicella zoster virus. It is known to be the most contagious of diseases which spreads easily through sneezing or coughing, blizters of an infected human or even through bed linens and clothing. Usually it happens to an individual only once in a lifetime. People or kids suffering from chickenpox need to stay isolated in order to avoid its spread. The treatment for the same is nil or minimum. Usually over the counter pain killers prescribed by the doctors in such cases.


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All you need to Know About Open Heart Surgery..!

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Open heart surgery is recommended when a person is suffering from multiple coronary issues or conditions. This is generally the last option left if other less risky treatments wouldn’t work. Yes, this is a complicated surgery, a risky one as well but with the advancement of technology, hi-end hospitals and surgeons, the success rate has gone up by a good percentage. But, before you choose to undergo the same, its always advisable that you go for a second opinion of a doctor of the same cadre or higher one.

Open heart surgeries are performed to resolve different heart conditions that include the following:

Heart Transplant – When the heart is badly damaged, it has to be replaced with a healthy heart and for this to happen, a heart transplant is required.

heart transplant

Medical Device Implant – This is done when the heart is not functioning normally. A medical device is implanted in order to monitor and improve the function of the heart and control the heartbeats as well.

Coronary Artery bypass graft(CABG) – This is the most common form of open heart surgery also known as by pass surgery. Healthy vessels are taken from other parts of the body and a new route around the coronary arteries that are diseased is created.

coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)

Congenital defect repair – When issues of heart from birth are to be resolved, this surgery is done.
Maze Procedure – When medications or less invasive methods are not able to control the heartbeat, then the maze procedure is considered. It is performed together with other surgeries like valve repair or CABG and is used for treating fibrillation.

Transmyocardial laser revascularization – This surgery is done when bypass does not work. In this surgery channels are created directly in the heart muscle with the help of lazers for blood supply.
Even today, when one hears about an open heart surgery, one feels the tension. Yes, it is a scary word and a risky surgery as mentioned but it is at times the only way out for a person suffering from multiple coronary disorders.

Transmyocardial laser revascularization

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