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Nursing staff around the world celebrate Nurses’ Day

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“Nurses around the world will be celebrating International Nurses’ Day on 12 May, the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. The International Council of Nurses, which started the event unofficially back, in 1965, has chosen the theme of this Nurses’ Day as Nurses: A Force for Change: Care Effective, Cost Effective. “Nurses are well positioned to drive improvements in efficiency and effectiveness,”Nursing Day on 2016@rrmch


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Children particularly infants and toddlers who have a developing immune system are prone to many different health conditions in India. One of the main reasons of childhood conditions in India is poverty. As majority of Indians live below the poverty line, children are prone to diseases due to malnutrition, unhygienic living conditions and more.

The most common acquired conditions in India amongst children are :



Respiratory Tract Infection (upper) – This is one of the most common pediatric condition to occur in infants and children. The main cause of this condition is air pollution. This conditions includes sore throat, influenza, common cold and tonsils.



Conjunctivitis – This is also a common pediatric condition and spreads easily because of its contiguous nature. Conjunctivitis occurs to one of the eyes first and then spreads to the other one. It is very important for kids suffering from this condition to stay away from people so that they do not pass it on.



Gastroenteritis – This is caused by Rota virus. A lot of children are affected by rota-virus in India and it also has a vaccination for the same. Rota-virus vaccine works really well and protects your infant from gastroenteritis. Though, the children affected are given rehydration salts as treatment.



Rickets – This is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin D and occurs in children between 6 &24 months. When the child in not exposed to sunlight adequately a deficit in vitamin D occurs. The bones of the children affected with rickets start weakening and softening.

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Bronchitis – Another very common childhood condition is asthma. It is mainly caused due to high exposure to air borne pollutants. The treatment of this condition involves bronchodilators and antibiotics.


The above mentioned conditions are only a few of the many more that occur in children in India. To avoid these conditions, using clean and safe drinking water, using clean utensils, maintaining the overall hygiene in children, washing hands before feeding the child, protection against mosquitoes, avoiding taking the child in crowded areas and giving mandatory as well as optional vaccines to your child are a few precautions to be taken.

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Radiology Career Scope and Opportunities

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Medical and Engineering careers have anyways spearheaded the choice of careers in India, and radiology being associated to medical, is therefore a lucrative one. This area of medicine deals with diagnosis of internal organs of the body with the help of sophisticated instruments like Ultrasound, CT Scan, X-ray and more.As a radiologist, you need to have a degree in medicine and if required you need to undergo relevant training as well. After becoming a radiologist you have a choice of practice areas which include Neuroradiology, Gastrointestinal radiology, Cardiovascular Radiology, Computed tomography, Genitourinary radiology and more.

Radiology has a variety of job roles on offer and depending upon you inclination and interest you can choose any of the profiles. Here is a run down some of the choices for a radiology student as far a a career is concerned.

radiology career

Radiologist – Radiologists are medical practitioners who are excellent at interpreting medical imaging. The diagnosis of a condition is managed with the help of high end imaging machinery like MRI, mammography, X-ray, CT scans and more.

X- Ray Technician – As a X-ray technician with the help of visual aids, you help in diagnosis of the ailment The doctors and medical practitioners give their diagnosis on the basis of the reports.

Radiologist Assistant – The profile involves assisting the radiologist and performing fluoroscopy under his guidance besides feeding tube installation, venous diagnostic exams and more.

MRI Technician – This is also a job that involves getting 2D or 3D maps of different tissues in the body of a patient. The data post monitoring by the MRI technician is transferred to the consulting radiologist or doctor for diagnosis.

The application areas for radiologists include various different streams. So, you may choose the area that interests you the most. Here are a few of them

Diagnostic Radiology – Radiological methods are used for diagnosis of illness.

Radio Diagnosis

Neuroradiology – Usually done with radiologic imaging using equipment like ultrasound, MRI, CT and X-rays, etc. For determining brain related disorders or diseases.

Computed tomography – Herein you need to assist in diagnosis of ailments related to organs and bones using radiology imaging.

Nuclear Radiology – With the help of gama imaging, PET/CT scans using radioactive materials, the diagnosis of different ailments is managed.

Cardiovascular Radiologist – This deals with diagnosis of conditions pertaining to the vascular system.

As far as the job opportunities are concerned, they are immense both in India and abroad. In US it is known to be a high flying career and pays you really well. Even in India, the demand for this career is augmenting and pursuing it from a reputed institution gives you an edge above the others.

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