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Types of Heart Surgeries in India – Short Review

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Cancer surgeries have become a common part of our lives today. Earlier, these complex surgeries used to be quite expensive and highly life threatening as well. But, with the advancement of technology and science, there are a lot of different options available. Though the cost of the surgeries varies from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor, it has seen a decrease in cost, over the period of time.

Cardiac surgeries are done on patients suffering from different conditions of heart . Here’s run down a few of them.

  • Unblock the Blocked or widen the narrow arteries of the heart via bypass

  • Axe the electrical flow obstructing tissue through the heart

  • Enhance the hearts pumping power using the muscles of the abdomen of back

  • Allowing blood flow from the heart chamber to the heart muscle by making channels in the muscle

  • Regulation of the hearts rhythm using devices

  • Aorta’s and aneurysms can be pestilent if they burst and need repair.

  • Heart replacement in case of availability of a donor

There are various different types of heart surgeries depending upon the condition to be addressed. A few of them are listed below.

Open Heart Surgery – This is one of the most common heart surgeries in India. It is a highly complex surgery where the chest is ribbed open by the surgeon. The blocked arteries are then bypassed and heart valves are also replaced or repaired as needed. This surgery also includes heart transplants and atrial fibrillation transplant. These days even the beating heart surgery is becoming popular. This surgery unlike conventional open heart surgery does not make use of the heart lung bypass machine and is not suited to every heart patient.

Open Heart Surgery done by Dr.H.P.Prabhuswamy

We are very happy to inform You all, that recently Dr.H.P.Prabhuswamy. MBBS,MS, M. CH, FICC,FIACS, Former Professor of Cardiac Surgery, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, Bangalore, joined the distinguished RajaRajeswari Medical College & Hospital, cardiac surgery team as Professor & HOD, Dept. of CTVS 

Heart Transplant – Another form of heart surgery that is making rounds these days is heart transplant. The procedure involves replacement of a damaged heart with a healthy heart. This process requires a heart donor and is a process that involves quick action and precision. Sometimes there is a waiting list also for the same. The heart is donated after the donor is no more, within the stipulated time.

By Pass Surgery – Scientifically called Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), this is a surgery that has been there for over decades and is the most common form of heart surgeries in India. Performed on people with CHD or coronory heart disease, this surgery is done when plaque builds up inside the arteries thus blocking the blood flow. A healthy artery from some other part of your body like leg is taken and is grafted by the surgeon into the existing blocked artery in a way that it by passes the blocked one. Thus, the blood flow is regulated through another route. Bypass involves removal of single or multiple blockages as the need be.

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