Month: September 2016

Computers in Medicine – the Changing Scenario

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Computers have now become and integral part of our lives. The reason being their contribution in every area and inbuilt intelligence. Automate work processes, store mammoth amounts of data – all this and much much more is possible at speed and accuracy with computers. Today, computers are also playing a vital role in the field of medicine. Be it diagnostics, surgical procedures, data storage or knowledge sharing, computers play a key role in every area. Here is a run down the contribution of computer in the medical field.


Many of the equipment’s used in hospitals and healthcare centres are computer based. Be it the latest methods of imaging or scanning, computer technology is put into use. Obtaining 3D images using digital geometry processing or use computer software’s for magnetic resonance imaging can be easily done using computer technology. X-ray machines, emergency alarm systems and many other automated systems use computer programming.

Computer technology is not limited to diagnosis of diseases and has already advanced to the level of participating in surgical procedures. Computer Assisted Surgery or CAS is known to combine the intelligence of computers with expertise of medicine. It is advancing at a fast pace and is said to give speedy and accurate results. The surgery is done with the help of a surgical robot. The robot could either do the surgery or could just assist doctors in the surgery. In both ways, there is a vital role that computer technology is playing.

Computer technology facilitates knowledge sharing like medical research papers, updates with fellow practitioners, patients and medical students with shear ease and almost instantly. Even communication has become speedier due to the computer based communication modes. Internet today is a virtual space to communicate, share and collaborate with others from anywhere, anytime.
Whether it is new discoveries, new medicines, information on latest treatments or more, you get access to this instantly from any location in the world. Earlier, it used to take ages to share information with others and now its just a matter of logging in to the computer, this is the drastic change that computers have brought about.

Data storage in health care is of utmost importance. The hospital is required to store the data about patients medical history as well as family history. The billing, the prescriptions and related data also needs to be stored. Computers again come in the picture here. Storing and accessing the data instantly whenever needed can be efficiently managed using computers.

The diagnosis papers, research papers or medical journals are all stored in their electronic versions with the help of computers.

Thus, it would not be wrong if we say that computer technology is taking medicine to the next level.

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