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Be a Superhero – Donate Your ORGANS-BODY

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Did you know that you as one organ donor can save upto 8 lives. Even your tissues and eyes can save or improve upto 50 peoples life. Isn’t that amazing! The good news is that the success rate of organ transplantation is as stupendous as 80% to 90%. There are millions of people waiting for organ transplants in India and across the world. But, the sad part is that there is an overwhelming need for organs but less availability.

One organ donor can save 8 lives

Body, organ or tissue donation is like leaving a legacy of yours forever. Besides improving and saving lives of people organ/body donation also helps medical sciences research and develop advanced treatment procedures and surgical procedures for existing and new diseases. Its your way of contributing to the society and welfare of human kind. It is about giving hope to the future generations.

Body donations have helped improve the quality of life of families and communities worldwide and contributed to medical education and research in areas like heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, alzheimer’s research, paramedic training, cochlear implant developments, joint replacements and more.

What organs can you donate?
You can donate organs like Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Pancreas, Lungs and Liver. Furthermore, besides donating your body and organs, you can even donate your tissues.

The tissues that can be donated include Cornea(Eye), Heart Valves, Tendons and Skin. Here’s how these tissues help people improve their lives.

Organ Donation

Tendons – Tendon transplantation helps people who have lost their muscle functioning because of injury or tendon damage.

Skin – Skin transplantation or grafting helps people with numerous wounds, skin loss on account of infections and severe skin burns

Cornea – Cornea(Eye) transplant is a commonly known tissue transplantation method where the vision of people suffering from corneal infections and eye diseases is restored

Heart Valves – Heart valve transplantation helps people with malfunctioning heart valves due to factors like aging, birth defects and infections.

There are a lot many organizations that offer organ donation facility in India and abroad. Organ donation can be done free of any charge. Along side organisations you donate to also offer cost less cremation facilities for body donations.

Just the thought of saving a life gives us so much inner peace, just imagine the feeling you get after donating your body or organ for improving or saving someones life. Nothing less that a superhero is what you feel!

Think about it.

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