Importance of Public Health Care to a Country-A Sneak Peak

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We all know the fact that when a country prospers, so do the citizens of the country. It also includes health and wellness of the country’s citizens. But, we might not be aware of the fact that even the vice versa holds true. To bring economic prosperity to a country, citizens of the country are responsible. If they are healthy and fit, only then can they work and make a country prosper. So, we may wisely say that economic progress of a country does depend on the health of its people and hence, healthcare is of prime importance to a country. If any country thinks otherwise, it is high time it thinks about it again.


Health is wealth and truly so, if wealth is lost it can be acquired again only if you are healthy and fit enough to do so. Hence, it is imperative for any country to give healthcare prime importance and carry out an action plan to prevent it as much as possible.

There are many challenges that are faced by developing as well as developed nations with respect to healthcare. While the developing nations are struggling with resource and infrastructure issues, the already developed nations have to face issues with regard to the aging population of the country.

The recent example is Ebola, a virus that has taken away lives of hundreds and thousands in Africa. The country wasn’t prepared for this challenge at all and NIH is dealing with the crisis now. Many of the lower and middle income countries give more importance to communicable diseases only because if care is not taken, there is a possibility of these diseases spreading like fire and causing health havoc around. The flip-side of the story is that even developed countries are caught in the clutches of diseases that are non communicable or say lifestyle ones like diabetes, cancer, hypertension and more. So, its time for countries to pay attention to both the types and work towards eradicating them.

On the brighter side, technology has been of a great help to deal with healthcare situations and preventing, detecting and treating the same as well. With the help of advanced technology, it is becoming easier to manage healthcare systems and get solutions. Furthermore, it is not just about building more hospital that is going to solve the healthcare issues. It important get to the roots and find effective solutions with a vision. For example, China today is investing a lot in healthcare research and increasing its spend on the same by over 20% every year. It is almost equal to what USA spends today and would be actually more that that in the times to come. This is only because it believes that research is an effective way to build their economy. Ask a visionary about this and he/she would totally agree with what China is doing right now.


In a nutshell, healthcare needs to be on the top of the mind, while devising policies and strategies for the country. Any country is all about people power. The healthier the people, the more the workforce, the more the output, the more the increase in economy.


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