MCI passes order For making Generic Drug Names mandatory

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MCI - Generic Drug names

The Medical council of India in its recent notification has made it mandatory for the Physicians to prescribe or recommend only generic names of drugs. It also added that the names need to be written legibly to ensure rational recommendation.

The medical fraternity of Kolkata is yet to make the change that is already made compulsory by the government order issued under IMC (professional conduct, etiquette and ethics regulations). Even the doctors doing private practice are yet to put this order to practice, while the medical college doctors have already started abiding by it.

The main objective behind the order is to benefit patients on a long run by keeping a check on the prices of drugs. On the flip side the private practitioners are finding it problematic to prescribe generic drugs due to the scarcity of them with pharmacists and also as finding trained pharmacists with the ability to identify generic names is not easy.


A certain group of doctors are having grave concern over the availability issues of generic drugs though. Generic drugs today are mostly available only with some government hospital drug stores. The private pharmacies rarely have them. So, with the order to use generic drugs, its needed that the flow of generic drugs is also increased and they are made available in plenty across pharmacies and hospitals. The doctors hence want the MCI to take note of the fact and swing into action. Doctors have also assured that once the drug flow is improved, they would be easily able to prescribe or recommend them.

Another concern coming out from another group of practitioners is that they had observed that the generic drugs they had prescribed were not satisfactory and could not cure their patients. Their patients have also been complaining about the same is what some of the doctors mentioned. So, this group is confused at clinical level about recommending them.

Though experts have already claimed that the generic drugs go through some of the most stringent checks and standard clearances before coming out for sale and are known to be highly effective. They also said that the patients or people need to made aware of the facts about generic medicines so that they come out of their misconceptions and judge-mental opinions.



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