Migraine: Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies and Treatments

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Migraine is a common kind of a headache in both the genders. It can get extremely painful and quite unbearable. There are various different causes of migraine in men and women. Many people get blind spots, tingling in the legs and hands, vomiting, nausea, flashes of light before they are hit by a migraine or even when they experience the same. The pain can last for a long time as long as many hours to many days and the bad news is that the causes of migraine are still largely not known. The age group that seems to be most affected by this painful headache is 15-55 years.

Migraine: Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies and Treatments

Migraine Triggers
High intensity noise, bright lights, strong smell, flickering lights, temperature variations
Stress, anxiety, tension, excitement, depression
Irregular sleeping patterns
Addictions like alcohol, smoking or exposure to it
Fasting or skipping meals resulting into low blood sugar
Hormonal triggers like menstrual cycles, menopause, birth control pills, sleeping pills
Foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG), tryamine

Migraine Home Remedies
Help yourself – Try to track you migraine on the calendar to keep a check on its pattern. Sometimes migraines follow a fixed pattern and triggers as mentioned above. Try to avoid the triggers as much as possible. This way you can actually prevent migraine.

Supplements – Supplements are available in the market and the consumption of which can help you prevent migrant. Check with your family doctor or physician and find out details on the same.

Relaxation techniques – Try massage for relaxation. Massage helps in easing shoulder and neck spasms. Other techniques include yoga, tai chi, etc.

Acupuncture – There are numerous studies on the role of acupuncture in providing relief from migraine. So, you may as well try it.

Icepacks – Cold packs are better compared to hot packs in giving relief against migraine as ice is said to be anti-inflammatory.

Migraine medical Treatment
Medications – Medications do help a lot in providing relief against the excruciating pain that migraine is bound to cause. Some anti-seizure medications also help in reducing migraines. But, it is advisable to consult your doctor before trying out any such medications. Similarly even anti-depressants have been successful to an extent to ease the migraine aches but only if you are suffering from depression are they advised, otherwise not.

Botox – One of the clinically proven treatments for migraine is Botox. It usually takes around 31 shots over a 12 week span with little or no side effects. You may as well consult your doctor to find out more about it.

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