Skin Conditions – Types and Remedies

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As humankind we are all the time vulnerable to different types of ailments, diseases, disorders and conditions. Some of the common conditions are that of skin. People suffer from various skin conditions depending upon the type of skin, the atmospheric conditions and more. The skin conditions may cause itching, rashes, scars, boils, pigmentation and more on a part or whole of the body. Here is a run down some of the common skin conditions.

ACNE Skin on Face

ACNE – Acne is one of the most common types of skin conditions. This occurs when toxins are in excess in the human body. Apparently, the kidney and the liver are allocated the task of removing the toxins from human body. When the toxins are in excess and kidney and liver are not able to handle the same, it results into inflammation of skin’s oil glands as well as hair follicles.

The major cause of acne is known to be excess consumption of fried and oily food. There are numerous factors that are responsible for worsening the acne condition. Some of them include intake of contraceptive pills, heavy sweating, use of some specific medicines, tight clothing and more.

Some of the treatments across the world for acne include use of Benzoyl Peroxide. It is responsible for killing the bacteria, open the blocked pores and reduces inflammation.
Different antibiotics are also used for reducing acne. They are apparently prescribed with other medicines to increase the effectiveness. This includes Tetracycline based antibiotics a lot.


SUN BURNS- India on a whole has a hot climate. UV protection hence, becomes one of the primary steps in order to prevent the same. But, many of us do not take any care of our skin and hence are get subjected to sun burns in hot conditions depending upon our skin type. Sun Burns occur more in fair skinned or light skinned people than wheatish or dark ones.

So, it is always advisable to prevent sunburns by using sunscreen lotions for UV protection. It is also advisable to use moisturizing creams or lotions as exposure to sun tends to dry up the skin.

dark circles

DARK CIRCLES – Dark circles another common condition amongst adults. Apparently, it is irritating because it tends to affect your facial looks. It looks like dark spots under eyes. The reasons for dark circles include allergies, improper diet, lack of sleep and more.
To prevent the same one needs to eat healthy food, drink lots of water, avoid too much sun exposure by using sunscreen creams and lotions.

Moles on Face


MOLES – Many people have these moles on skin and trust me it quite irks you up. Having it on your face though is the most irritating part of it. Moles occur when skin cells grow in a bunch and spread. They could be flat or raised. They could also be hereditary or could occur due to excessive exposure to sunlight.




WRINKLES – We all know that wrinkles are the result of aging. These are in form of lines on the skin surface that keep on being prominently visible with age. Aging is a natural process but sometimes use of excessive cosmetics, unhealthy eating habits can make aging faster.

In order to prevent them or slow down the whole process one needs to eat healthy food and drink a lot of water. Quitting addictions like smoking, drinking and drugs is a good idea to prevent them.

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