High Risks of Coronory Heart Diseases for Thyroid Cancer Patients – Short Note

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Coronory Heart Diseases for Thyroid Cancer

A study has shown that patients suffering from Thyroid cancer are subject to high risks of Coronory Heart Disease (CHD) as well as ischemic stroke. It is observed that there are a couple of reasons due to which the thyroid cancer patients have to face these issues. One of them is the use of levothyroxine doses on a regular basis during the treatment. Another is exposure of thyroid patients to thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) suppression during the treatment span, which usually is spread across the entire life span.

Thyroid cases are seen to be growing in large numbers in areas particularly subjected to heavy industrial cover for the past 3 decades. Also, the risk ratio is comparatively 15% more than generic patients for patients with thyroid cancer. The risk factor for CHD and ischemic stroke has shown significant increase in patients who undergo thyroidectomy and higher dosages of levothyroxine.

Though differnetiated thyroid carcinoma cases are known to offer good prognosis with a high survival rate of 80 to 95 % upto 10 years, the TSH suppression treatment could increases the risks of heart failures or CHD. Studies have also found that differentiated thyroid carcinoma patients undergoing TSH supression treatment are known to increase their risk of atrial fibrillation, left ventricular mass and imparied idastolic function as well. Numerous patients these days undergo TSH supression which in most of them or many of them is a matter undergoing lifetime treatment. As far as atrial fibrillation risk is concerned, study shows that this risk is dependent of dosage of levothyroxine, but, with patients who had already developed atrial fibrillation, risk of ischemic stroke was less comparatively even of higher dosage of levothyroxine.

To reduce these risks, experts suggest to choose the treatment of thryoidectomy wisely and undergo TSH supression therapy so as to manage the associated cardiovascular risks.

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