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All you need to Know About Open Heart Surgery..!

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Open heart surgery is recommended when a person is suffering from multiple coronary issues or conditions. This is generally the last option left if other less risky treatments wouldn’t work. Yes, this is a complicated surgery, a risky one as well but with the advancement of technology, hi-end hospitals and surgeons, the success rate has gone up by a good percentage. But, before you choose to undergo the same, its always advisable that you go for a second opinion of a doctor of the same cadre or higher one.

Open heart surgeries are performed to resolve different heart conditions that include the following:

Heart Transplant – When the heart is badly damaged, it has to be replaced with a healthy heart and for this to happen, a heart transplant is required.

heart transplant

Medical Device Implant – This is done when the heart is not functioning normally. A medical device is implanted in order to monitor and improve the function of the heart and control the heartbeats as well.

Coronary Artery bypass graft(CABG) – This is the most common form of open heart surgery also known as by pass surgery. Healthy vessels are taken from other parts of the body and a new route around the coronary arteries that are diseased is created.

coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)

Congenital defect repair – When issues of heart from birth are to be resolved, this surgery is done.
Maze Procedure – When medications or less invasive methods are not able to control the heartbeat, then the maze procedure is considered. It is performed together with other surgeries like valve repair or CABG and is used for treating fibrillation.

Transmyocardial laser revascularization – This surgery is done when bypass does not work. In this surgery channels are created directly in the heart muscle with the help of lazers for blood supply.
Even today, when one hears about an open heart surgery, one feels the tension. Yes, it is a scary word and a risky surgery as mentioned but it is at times the only way out for a person suffering from multiple coronary disorders.

Transmyocardial laser revascularization

Find best cardiologist in bangalore, Rajarajeswari Heart Center, part of the esteem institute. Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital, Was established in May 2012 as an initial non-interventional department with 2D echocardiography, Treadmill Test and cardiac consultation.

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Silencer Molecule – Cancers Ability To Spread Switched Off

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According to a study about cancer, scientists confirm the presence of a key molecule in lung and breast cancer responsible for switching off the ability of it to spread across the other parts of the body. This is a noteworthy finding and would surely help scientists to work around treatments on avoiding cancer from spreading. The disease has an ability to travel through blood with the help of its cells which disintegrate and commute through the blood stream. If not at-least it could help in create some tests that would help doctors determine the possibilities of cancer spreading in the body.

Silencer molecules -1
Silencer molecules
Silencer molecules
Silencer molecules

The process in which the cancer cells commute through the lymph system or blood stream to the various parts of the body is known as metastasis. And this process which determines the ability of the cancer to spread is also responsible to determining the patients survival. There are some cancers that don’t spread but the reason behind the same is yet to be found. As for cancers like lung cancer or breast cancer cells, the protein called MARK4 facilitates the disintegrate and commute through the blood to other parts of the body. While one of the findings of the scientists say that the molecule known as R-515-5p helps in silencing and switching of the MARK4 producing gene.
According to scientists the survival rate of lung and breast cancer patients with high MARK4 or low silencer molecules is generally low.

In a nutshell, with the silencer molecule playing a significant role in spreading cancer and MARK4 being responsible for dividing the cancer cells, it is a vital breakthrough in treating the two cancers breast and lung which also happen to be one of the most common cancers in the world.


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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Recent Survey Results

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Generally, people suffering from congenital heart disease have a risk of post traumatic disorder even more compared to others.As per study around 1 in 10 had symptoms that were directly related to their heart condition, while 1 in 5 adults had PTSD symptoms, already. As per the researchers the patients having PTSD symptoms may suffer from depression and anxiety and it is for the caregivers and the clinicians to keep a track of the same.


One of the senior authors from the hospital that conducted the study also said that the life expectancy of adults suffering from CHD has increased over a period of time but at the same time they might have to undergo multiple surgeries and procedures. These patients also are at a constant risk of psychological stress due to the unique life stressors besides cardiac and non cardiac effect of their chronic condition.

It was the first analysis of PTSD in a CHD population of adults and it first appeared in the American Journal of Cardiology. The study was done using two validated health scales that had questions pertaining to PTSD, anxiety and depression. It included the study of 134 patients.

The study revealed that 21 percent of 134 patients completed one scale and 11 percent of 127 had CHD or treatment related PTSD symptoms. While the percentage rate in the general population is 3.5 only, the patients cohort (11 to 21 percent) show a very high prevalence of PTSD comparatively. Also, the two major factors associated to PTSD found through research were – recently conducted cardiac surgery and elevated symptoms of depression.

As the prevalence of PTSD in adult CHD patients is unearthed, it also points towards the call to action in the direction viz. The measures to be taken for supporting the patients althrough the lifespan and ensuring that they also live a good quality life.

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Few Tips to Choose Medical Colleges

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As it is, in India medical education is one of the most preferable course and umpteen students from across the country aspire to become medical professionals. If you happen to be one of them, then, here isthe checklist to help you choose the apt medical college.

NAAC Score

When you are looking out for medical institutions, the first thing you would want to know is the reputation of the institution. One of the ways to ascertain the quality of education offered by any medical institution, is checking for the NAAC score of the institute. The NAAC scores are usually available on the institute’s website. A medical college with NAAC ranking ‘A+’ or A is considered to be a leading one, offering high standards in education. Similarly, a college with ‘C’ ranking is one with the lowest quality  of education, comparatively.


A MBBS student has to spend a minimum of five significant years of life at a medical college, studying or rather transforming. Hence, infrastructure is an another vital criteria to look into, as it surely contributes a lot. Further, its not only about quality education, its also about the quality of life during these 5 long years. So, it becomes imperative that you seek an institute which is all equipped with the facilities like advanced labs, library, cafeteria, wifi, recreation and more. There are many institutions that also provide hi-end facilities like banking, ATMs and health clubs within the campus.

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In house Hospital

Having an inhouse hospital plays an eminent role in medical education. This is a place where students spend most of their time learning, doing assessments, analysis, treatments, training and more. So, an in-campus hospital is a cardinal requirement on your checklist, while searching for the suitable medical college.


Its a known fact that medical education almost costs a fortune and thus scholarships are a great aid for brilliant students in need of financial support. So, its advisable to gather every information on scholarships available and try to avail one as it would help to ease a lot of your financial pressure from your shoulders.

Employment Prospects

These days many of the colleges also offer campus interviews, internships and placement facilities as soon as students complete their graduation. This is a great value addition to the traditional education system format and is a point to be considered while looking out for an apt medical college.

Thus, finding the best medical college is not a very big deal if proper research is carried out, considering key points like the aforementioned few.

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Best Private Medical colleges in Bangalore

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Rajarajeswari Medical College in Bangalore
Rajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital, Bangalore is ranked No.7 in Karnataka and No.30 in the list of Top Medical colleges in India. ‘EducationWorld’ and ‘C fore’, a well – known Delhi – based market research firm conducted a research for India’s Top medical colleges.
Email ID:,
Rajarajeswari Medical College in Bangalore
No.202, Kambipura, Mysore Road,
Bengaluru-560 074.

St. John Medical College
Started in 1963 by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India, St. John’s has grown to be listed as one of the top medical educational institutions in the country. The Supreme Court of India, granting the privilege of conducting its own entrance test,
Email ID :
Website :
Address :
St.John&#39-s National Academy of Health Sciences Sarjapur Road
Pincode : 560034

Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center
The institute focuses to deliver high quality, comprehensive, integrated medical education including innovative thoughts towards modern technology and research. We provide the finest in infrastructure and facilities to our students when it comes to learning and research along with experienced and dedicated faculty, outstanding clinical facilities, and a world-class environment that supports education. We offer different courses including medicine, dentistry, nursing, allied sciences and many more.
Email ID:
Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre,
#82, Nallurahalli, Near BMTC 18th Depot, Whitefield,
Bangalore – 560 066 (Karnataka)

M.S Ramaiah Medical College
It was his dream and hope to build a new world. A far better world – one in which the eternal dignity of man is respected. This was the beginning of a long journey of a man, Who dared to dream and then made those dreams a reality. He believed that if you want to leave the foot prints in the sands of time, never drag your feet. Have a vision and a mission and then work to see they become a reality.
M. S. Ramaiah Medical College
MSR Nagar, MSRIT Post
Bangalore – 560054
Email ID:

MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital
MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital was started in the year 2001 by Venkatesha Education Society located at Hoskote, Bangalore Rural District. Both UG & PG Programme are recognised by Medical Council of India & Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
Email ID:
Dandupalya, 30th KM Milestone,
National Highway 4, Kolathur P.O., Hoskote,
Pincode – 562 114

Accreditation of Rajarajeswari Medical College in Bangalore

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Here you can see what are accreditation have the Rajarajeswari Medical College in Bangalore not only a NAAC-’A’, ISO, IAO , Higher Learning Accreditation Commission of Texas and what not. When compare to other private medical colleges in Bangalore, RRMCH is one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka.

The aim of RRMCH is to promote service minded, scientific tempered citizens of exemplary stature to serve the human beings.


Education is presently undergoing a welcome seismic change. In tune with the changing times, Rajarajeshwari Group of Institutions, aim to help students excel in the various fields of study of their choice.

In the field of education, Rajarajeshwari Group of Institutions is looking at engaging the students in overall development processes. We have designed co- curricular and extra curricular activities for the students to be involved in, actively.


higher learning accreditation commission of texas IAO of rajarajeswar medical college RRMCH - NAAC-A ISO Certificate


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RRMCH is one the best medical colleges in bangalore

Rajarajeswari Medical College in Bangalore/Benguluru – Karnataka

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medical colleges in bangalore
Rajarajeswari Medical College in bangalore/benguluru

RRMCH Vision

Provide quality Education and health care services

Be efficient, effective, community acceptable, and excel in service, education & research

To impart knowledge & interact with organizations of similar interest

Reach the unreachable goals with awareness, education & service.

Medical college:

Rajarajeswari medical college is one of the best “medical colleges in Bangalore and provides the quality education, lab and also with practical knowledge.


Rajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital, Bangalore is ranked No.7 in Karnataka and No.30 in the list of Top Medical colleges in India. ‘EducationWorld’ and ‘C fore’, a well –known Delhi –based market research firm conducted a research for India’s Top medical colleges. They interviewed a great number of faculty members final year students of top medical colleges across the country for the survey. RRMCH stunningly achieved the prestigious 30th position in “list of top colleges in India”.







Super specialty  

Fellowship programs 


Admission Protocols @rrmch

The Candidate should have completed 17 years of age on or before 31st December of the year of admission. For those candidates, outside Karnataka State, an eligibility certificate from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences is a must. For a candidate of minority status, Tamil speaking certificate from appropriate authorities.


Migration from one Medical College to another college after admission is generally not permitted and the Medical Council of India is the final authority to permit such a change in exceptional situations.

Contact @RRMCH

No.202, Kambipura, Mysore Road,

Bangalore/Bengaluru-560 074.

Phone: 2843 7444/ 2843 7777

Fax       : 080-2843 7393