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Why RRMCH is one of the Best Medical Colleges for Medical Studies

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medical colleges in bangalore

Medical education has always topped the list of most sought after career courses in India for decades now. Until a few years back, Medical education was the only course, on the mind of most of the parents for their children – ask any parent about what they want their child to be when he/ she grows up and the common response would be ‘Doctor’. Agreed that now the times are changing slowly and steadily and other
careers particularly the ones that interest the child are taking a front seat, but Medical Education even today is one of the most preferred career amongst all others.

Every year thousands of medical education aspirants toil their hearts out to crack the entrance exams and get themselves the maximum number of choices of reputed medical colleges. Once, the students have cleared their exams and have to choose one college out of the list of colleges available to them, is when they see themselves stuck in horns of the dilemma. Obviously, because it is the question of their career, their life more so. What they choose today is going to decide where they end up in the future. Hence, it becomes very important that you don’t go wrong, as it is like one way traffic. Once you take up the career, you stay on with it most of the times.

If you are also amongst those medical education aspiring candidates, then it is always advisable that you do your groundwork way ahead of taking admission in a medical school. If you already are a star student and are sure enough to crack the entrance in flying colors, make your list of colleges ready so that by the time, its admission time, you are sure on your choice of medical college.

Yes, there are many factors that govern your choice of college, besides your entrance scores. This includes the location of your college, the yearly fees and your personal preferences, irrespective. While, on the hunt for a suitable medical college, you will cross roads with a name synonymous to excellence in medical education. Yes, the name is Rajarajeswari Medical College or RRMCH as it is better known.

One of the best medical colleges in Bangalore, RRMCH is recognized with NAAC A accreditation which automatically certifies its high education standards. Established in the year 2005, with a vision of delivering top notch quality medical education, empowering them to broaden their horizons in the medical arena and contribute as a part or whole in building a healthy and disease free India. For realizing this vision, RRMCH has been offering comprehensive academic programs of international standards.

With a sprawling medical campus and state of the art infrastructure, RRMCH is backed by expert and dedicated faculties who work towards delivering high value education and harnessing the intellectual assets of humankind towards creating future health professionals. RRMCH strongly believes in identifying and enhancing the potential of their students by offering them proper guidance and a powerful knowledge acquisition platform. This is reflected from the facilities it provides to its students including knowledge exchange programs with international medical colleges, active participation in research and innovation programs in the medical science field besides providing interactive sessions with subject specialists and practical experience programs in hospital and research labs.

Obviously, what matters more is your own passion and determination for the medical field and that is what is going to help you shine but if you are looking to carve a career in Medical education, Rajajeswari Medical College and Hospital is one institution you keep on you mind while making your choice of Medical college.

Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital – Banglaore

Radiology Career Scope and Opportunities

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Medical and Engineering careers have anyways spearheaded the choice of careers in India, and radiology being associated to medical, is therefore a lucrative one. This area of medicine deals with diagnosis of internal organs of the body with the help of sophisticated instruments like Ultrasound, CT Scan, X-ray and more.As a radiologist, you need to have a degree in medicine and if required you need to undergo relevant training as well. After becoming a radiologist you have a choice of practice areas which include Neuroradiology, Gastrointestinal radiology, Cardiovascular Radiology, Computed tomography, Genitourinary radiology and more.

Radiology has a variety of job roles on offer and depending upon you inclination and interest you can choose any of the profiles. Here is a run down some of the choices for a radiology student as far a a career is concerned.

radiology career

Radiologist – Radiologists are medical practitioners who are excellent at interpreting medical imaging. The diagnosis of a condition is managed with the help of high end imaging machinery like MRI, mammography, X-ray, CT scans and more.

X- Ray Technician – As a X-ray technician with the help of visual aids, you help in diagnosis of the ailment The doctors and medical practitioners give their diagnosis on the basis of the reports.

Radiologist Assistant – The profile involves assisting the radiologist and performing fluoroscopy under his guidance besides feeding tube installation, venous diagnostic exams and more.

MRI Technician – This is also a job that involves getting 2D or 3D maps of different tissues in the body of a patient. The data post monitoring by the MRI technician is transferred to the consulting radiologist or doctor for diagnosis.

The application areas for radiologists include various different streams. So, you may choose the area that interests you the most. Here are a few of them

Diagnostic Radiology – Radiological methods are used for diagnosis of illness.

Radio Diagnosis

Neuroradiology – Usually done with radiologic imaging using equipment like ultrasound, MRI, CT and X-rays, etc. For determining brain related disorders or diseases.

Computed tomography – Herein you need to assist in diagnosis of ailments related to organs and bones using radiology imaging.

Nuclear Radiology – With the help of gama imaging, PET/CT scans using radioactive materials, the diagnosis of different ailments is managed.

Cardiovascular Radiologist – This deals with diagnosis of conditions pertaining to the vascular system.

As far as the job opportunities are concerned, they are immense both in India and abroad. In US it is known to be a high flying career and pays you really well. Even in India, the demand for this career is augmenting and pursuing it from a reputed institution gives you an edge above the others.

In Bangalore, When compare to all private medical college and hospitals, Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital is the best. Especially in radiology department know more about Radio diagnosis

Source from : http://medicalnhospital.blogspot.in/2016/07/radiology-career-scope-and-opportunities.html

Rajarajeswari Medical College in Bangalore/Benguluru – Karnataka

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medical colleges in bangalore
Rajarajeswari Medical College in bangalore/benguluru

RRMCH Vision

Provide quality Education and health care services

Be efficient, effective, community acceptable, and excel in service, education & research

To impart knowledge & interact with organizations of similar interest

Reach the unreachable goals with awareness, education & service.

Medical college:

Rajarajeswari medical college is one of the best “medical colleges in Bangalore and provides the quality education, lab and also with practical knowledge.


Rajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital, Bangalore is ranked No.7 in Karnataka and No.30 in the list of Top Medical colleges in India. ‘EducationWorld’ and ‘C fore’, a well –known Delhi –based market research firm conducted a research for India’s Top medical colleges. They interviewed a great number of faculty members final year students of top medical colleges across the country for the survey. RRMCH stunningly achieved the prestigious 30th position in “list of top colleges in India”.







Super specialty  

Fellowship programs 


Admission Protocols @rrmch

The Candidate should have completed 17 years of age on or before 31st December of the year of admission. For those candidates, outside Karnataka State, an eligibility certificate from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences is a must. For a candidate of minority status, Tamil speaking certificate from appropriate authorities.


Migration from one Medical College to another college after admission is generally not permitted and the Medical Council of India is the final authority to permit such a change in exceptional situations.

Contact @RRMCH

No.202, Kambipura, Mysore Road,

Bangalore/Bengaluru-560 074.

Phone: 2843 7444/ 2843 7777

Fax       : 080-2843 7393

Email: info@rrmch.orgenquiry@rrmch.org