An Overview of Diabetes and Yeast Infections

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Diabetes and Yeast Infections

There is certainly a relation between yeasts and diabetes and most logically it is sugar that relates yeast infections to diabetes. Yeast are generally found growing near mucous membranes around the skin. When there is a build up of yeast, it is called yeast infection. As yeast feeds on sugar and diabetics tend to sweat, pee and secrete a lot of mucus due to high glucose levels, automatically inviting yeasts to build on and cause yeast infections. The areas where yeast grow rapidly are those with warm temperatures typically under skin folds and breasts, mouth and around genitals.

The most common of the yeast infections with women is the vaginal infection and generally occurs in people suffering from diabetics that is not under proper control. When the diabetes is not controlled properly, it also effects the immune system adversely. Apparently, it suppresses the growth of immune proteins known as beta defensins, responsible for killing microbes.

Furthermore, even after treatment, there is high possibility of re-occurrence of the infection in people with poorly controlled diabetes. This is because after colonization of the yeast in a particular area, its becomes easy for yeast to re-attack. The extra sugar levels in diabetics helps in colonization on the yeast and makes it easy for other pathogens to stick to mucous gland and skin cells as well.

The doctor asks for vaginal secretion sample test to confirm the vaginal yeast infection. The microscopical review of the sample is carried out for confirmation of Candida fungus in abnormal amounts. Sometimes even urine samples are tested.

Most of the doctors prescribe anti-fungal creams that can be easily applied to the affected area. These creams are usually available over the counter. Only when creams aren’t effective is when doctors prescribe a dose of anti-fungal medication.

Home Remedies
Alternatively, home remedies like using oregano oil, yogurt, over the counter creams, coconut or tea tree oil for treating yeast infection are commonly tried.

Prevention is always a better idea, and particularly for diabetics, wherein there is high possibility of yeast infection to reoccur. But, certain precautionary measures can help you keep the yeast infection at bay. This includes keeping body and genital dry, using clean cotton under garments and perfumed pads of good quality. As far as diet supplements are concerned, eating yogurt on a daily basis helps a lot.

Though, treating the root cause would definitely help you the most so try keeping your glucose levels under control to prevent the complications that arise due to the same.

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Why RRMCH is one of the Best Medical Colleges for Medical Studies

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medical colleges in bangalore

Medical education has always topped the list of most sought after career courses in India for decades now. Until a few years back, Medical education was the only course, on the mind of most of the parents for their children – ask any parent about what they want their child to be when he/ she grows up and the common response would be ‘Doctor’. Agreed that now the times are changing slowly and steadily and other
careers particularly the ones that interest the child are taking a front seat, but Medical Education even today is one of the most preferred career amongst all others.

Every year thousands of medical education aspirants toil their hearts out to crack the entrance exams and get themselves the maximum number of choices of reputed medical colleges. Once, the students have cleared their exams and have to choose one college out of the list of colleges available to them, is when they see themselves stuck in horns of the dilemma. Obviously, because it is the question of their career, their life more so. What they choose today is going to decide where they end up in the future. Hence, it becomes very important that you don’t go wrong, as it is like one way traffic. Once you take up the career, you stay on with it most of the times.

If you are also amongst those medical education aspiring candidates, then it is always advisable that you do your groundwork way ahead of taking admission in a medical school. If you already are a star student and are sure enough to crack the entrance in flying colors, make your list of colleges ready so that by the time, its admission time, you are sure on your choice of medical college.

Yes, there are many factors that govern your choice of college, besides your entrance scores. This includes the location of your college, the yearly fees and your personal preferences, irrespective. While, on the hunt for a suitable medical college, you will cross roads with a name synonymous to excellence in medical education. Yes, the name is Rajarajeswari Medical College or RRMCH as it is better known.

One of the best medical colleges in Bangalore, RRMCH is recognized with NAAC A accreditation which automatically certifies its high education standards. Established in the year 2005, with a vision of delivering top notch quality medical education, empowering them to broaden their horizons in the medical arena and contribute as a part or whole in building a healthy and disease free India. For realizing this vision, RRMCH has been offering comprehensive academic programs of international standards.

With a sprawling medical campus and state of the art infrastructure, RRMCH is backed by expert and dedicated faculties who work towards delivering high value education and harnessing the intellectual assets of humankind towards creating future health professionals. RRMCH strongly believes in identifying and enhancing the potential of their students by offering them proper guidance and a powerful knowledge acquisition platform. This is reflected from the facilities it provides to its students including knowledge exchange programs with international medical colleges, active participation in research and innovation programs in the medical science field besides providing interactive sessions with subject specialists and practical experience programs in hospital and research labs.

Obviously, what matters more is your own passion and determination for the medical field and that is what is going to help you shine but if you are looking to carve a career in Medical education, Rajajeswari Medical College and Hospital is one institution you keep on you mind while making your choice of Medical college.

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MCI passes order For making Generic Drug Names mandatory

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MCI - Generic Drug names

The Medical council of India in its recent notification has made it mandatory for the Physicians to prescribe or recommend only generic names of drugs. It also added that the names need to be written legibly to ensure rational recommendation.

The medical fraternity of Kolkata is yet to make the change that is already made compulsory by the government order issued under IMC (professional conduct, etiquette and ethics regulations). Even the doctors doing private practice are yet to put this order to practice, while the medical college doctors have already started abiding by it.

The main objective behind the order is to benefit patients on a long run by keeping a check on the prices of drugs. On the flip side the private practitioners are finding it problematic to prescribe generic drugs due to the scarcity of them with pharmacists and also as finding trained pharmacists with the ability to identify generic names is not easy.


A certain group of doctors are having grave concern over the availability issues of generic drugs though. Generic drugs today are mostly available only with some government hospital drug stores. The private pharmacies rarely have them. So, with the order to use generic drugs, its needed that the flow of generic drugs is also increased and they are made available in plenty across pharmacies and hospitals. The doctors hence want the MCI to take note of the fact and swing into action. Doctors have also assured that once the drug flow is improved, they would be easily able to prescribe or recommend them.

Another concern coming out from another group of practitioners is that they had observed that the generic drugs they had prescribed were not satisfactory and could not cure their patients. Their patients have also been complaining about the same is what some of the doctors mentioned. So, this group is confused at clinical level about recommending them.

Though experts have already claimed that the generic drugs go through some of the most stringent checks and standard clearances before coming out for sale and are known to be highly effective. They also said that the patients or people need to made aware of the facts about generic medicines so that they come out of their misconceptions and judge-mental opinions.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Medical-Council-of-India-makes-generic-names-mandatory/articleshow/55030109.cms

High Blood pressure – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More

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We are all aware about blood pressure issues and that the normal blood pressure range is 120/80. When the diastolic raises to (81-89) and systolic blood pressures to (121-139), a condition called pre-hypertension arises. Once the blood pressure climbs up the 140/90 mark, it gives rise to the hypertension condition. While pre-hypertension does not necessarily result in heart attacks, hypertension sure does. There are apparently two stages of high blood pressure namely stage 1 that ranges from 140-159 and stage 2 that ranges from 160 onwards.

You cannot pinpoint to one specific cause for blood pressure. There are lot many conditions that may result into hypertension and heart conditions including obesity, addictions like smoking, food with high salts, alcholism, genetics, stress, sleep deprivation and age as well.causes of hypertension

Firstly, even though blood pressure is a common condition, self diagnosis based on mythical symptoms is not advisable. Always consult a doctor for the same. Generally, high blood pressure symptoms include Dizziness, facial flushing and blood spots. When there is significant increase in blood pressure, it could result in hypertensive crisis resulting into shortness of breadth, nose bleeds, severe headaches and anxiety as well.HBP - symptoms
Facial Flushing – This is a condition where the face turns red and burns too. The reason behind the same is dilation of face blood vessels. This again has a lot of causes. It includes alcohol consumption, sun exposure, spicy foods, skincare products, exposure to heat and more.

Dizziness – It cannot be called a active symptom, but high blood pressure medications sometimes cause the dizziness side effect. Doctor consultation is necessary because dizziness could be a heart attack alert as it is one of the most common factors of stroke.

Eyes Floaters – When HBP remains untreated for a while, it could result in blood spots in the eyes. It is more common with people having diabetes.

As far as treatment is concerned the statement, ‘prevention is the best cure’, holds true.’ Though medications do help to keep the blood pressure under control. Usually, the medications have to be taken on a daily basis along with lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle has to be significantly improved in terms of weight loss, if you are obese. A healthy and balanced diet is another must include change. People having addictions like alcohol, tobacco or smoking need to give it up or atleast bring it to the permissible limits. Daily exercise and less salty food is another inclusion. These changes will help you keep your blood pressure under check and reduce the chances of stroke considerably.

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